Importing maya model

so i stumbled upon a really great maya rigged model
and i’m having trouble importing it to blender because i don’t have maya installed

is there a way to import model from maya to blender without maya application
the model is mery rig by the way
if someone have the model with file format .obj or .blend with the texture and all clothing

i would be grateful if they share it

Can you get the model as an FBX or Collada file? - both of those contain rig info.

the format is .mb

Where is it from?


i don’t really care if the rig isn’t imported
i just want the mesh

because i’m going to try to rig it myself

thanks for the help

but i think i’m still in a problem
because i’m using mac
and for a reason my mac can’t dual boot windows

and whats being discus is that it require windows

and still require maya

Yep, I think what you need for this may be Maya.

thanks for your help