Importing model from Modo 601 to Blender 2.63

I see blender finally has inset/bevel and need to port a 700 000 poly object into blender. This doesn’t completely work though.

The largest problems is that it converts all the polygons to tris, which makes it very difficult to manipulate the mesh later on.

There are three common formats between what Modo and Blender can export/import: Collada .dae, .obj and .x3d. None of these retains the Ngons.

Does anyone have any idea how i might solve this?

Imported an object with ngons into 2.64 test release as an obj. Only the ngons were triangulated which was easily fixed with Alt+J. All the original quads were still quads. If your quads were getting triangulted in an obj then check your modo export and blender import settings. Until the importers work with ngons you’ll have to fix them before exporting or after importing.

NGons are useful, within a given application, only for initial rough development, but should always be “re-worked” into quads (minimum carefully placed tris), with appropriate loop structure and poly flow. This will always give the least number of rendering artifacts in your software of choice, and will allow a more fluid exchange between other programs in a pipeline, even if it is “just in-house.” Expecting the correct transfer of NGons between software apps, I think, it un-realistic, and not the fault of the programs. Just my thoughts.

Ah well then, started to join faces now and realized it would take months. Guess i’ll stick to modo until whenever they fix importing.

paulhhr2: I can’t say i agree with you there, i have newer encountered any problems relating to Ngons before now, i only use ngons where all the vertices lies on the same plane. Using ngons have been a huge advantage in modeling my latest ship.

There’s no reason to fix ngons if you have an object that isn’t going to deform. In fact, I can’t see the problem with them being triangulated either seeing as ALL faces are triangulated at render time anyway.