Importing model to UDK with FBX / join armatures

Hey i got a problem i wanna import a character i made to UDK, i had some problems with it because the legs got messed up everytime. then i tried to fix it but now everytime when im gonna import it to udk the udk stops working.
What did i do to mess upp my moddel and is there a way to fix it?

Also my character have 5 armatures, is there a way to plug the bones togheter (join) so i got one armature instead?
I saw a site where it told me to click Ctrl + J but nothing happends.
plz healp!


Red Tropper.blend (1.22 MB)

I’d guess it’s almost certainly having more than one armature. UDK skeletal meshes expect a mesh to only have one skeleton.

I’m not really sure why you set it up that way, it’d be much easier to work with 1 armature. Personally I’d just remove the leg and arm armatures and build them back in with the main armature then re-weight them.

Other gotchas you might want to look out for now that will cause problems in UDK. Character meshes should be facing in the positive X axis and standing Z positive. You’ll also have to change the settings when you go to FBX export to reflect that. In UDK when importing the mesh look for a checkbox labeled “Use T0 as ref pose” and check that, otherwise you can get imports where the mesh and skeleton are oriented opposite to each other.