Importing models into blender from 3DS Max 5,6

Is there a way to import models from 3dsmax 5,6 with texture coordinates/animation into blender?
What i want to do is the following:

Model a robot in Max
Create mapping coordinates for the model
Assign a texture to the model
Add animation to it like walk cycle,or an animated texture to his eyes

After this i wish to export the model to blender with all the things that were done in 3dsmax…and too look good in blender as it was in max

From blender i only wish quickly set properties to the model like having a healt or battery that will consume after lets say 5 walk cycles…

Is all this stuff easy or i`m taking a path that has too many rocks on it:)?

Just want to say that im not a programmer and i wish to know if there is a way to make lets say a simple game like having a model of a tower(a single object with a texture,no animation) from where you can build robots(that have a texture,animation and some properties(like a battery that runs out after a while)) and send them to another tower along a path without doing any programming and do all king of equations and stuff...this might seem lazy but im not truly looking in learning programming stuff(though it was fun sometimes in the past::slight_smile: ) as i don`t have a lot of time…

Sorry if this was posted before