importing models

ok i got a problem: i have to models in different files, and i think they would fit in the same scene together very well, but there is no way i could recreate that same model (only by luck), is there some way i could import model(s) from another .blend file with the models you just created still there? (i think thats worded pretty well)

Files -> Append
or Shift+F1

Then select the .blend file and enter the object dir - there you should find the meshes.

hi trav666… :smiley:

clawz is right!!! You can use the “Append” feature, for what you want.

For more information on what this little thing can do for you (you can append not only “objects” from your .blends to your scene, but also just individual Materials, etc.) follow this tut:

Hope it helps a little bit more…


thaaaaank you