Importing multiple images as images in VSE?

Hi all,

I’m trying to import 60+ images into the blender sequence editor as individual images rather than as a sequence of frames. Is there a way to do this as a batch? I’d like to get 60 or so individual 2-second images and doing it by hand one at a time will be quite tedious.

I’ve read the wiki ( but that only tells me how to import single images or multi-frame sequences, neither is what I want.

Thanks for any help.

Select your images in the file input dialog, bring them into the VSE as one sequence strip, Y key, set duration of each clip when asked.

From your wiki link:

Add Movie and Image (Stills or Sequences)

First, let’s add a clip:

  • A movie clip in the Audio-Video Interlaced format (*.avi file)
  • A movie clip in the Apple QuickTime format (*.mov)
  • A single still image to be repeated for a number of frames (*.jpg, *.png, etc.)
  • A numbered sequence of images (*-0001.jpg, *-0002.jpg, *-0003.jpg, etc, of any image format)
  • One or more images from a directory
  • A Scene in your .blend file.

Mode: Sequence

Hotkey: Y
Menu: Strip -> Separate Images to Strips

Converts the strip into multiple strips, one strip for each frame. Very useful for slide shows and other cases where you want to bring in a set on non-continuous images.