Importing new 3D Chess sets to Chessmaster

Hi !

The title says it all !

Does someone knows if it is possible to do such a thing ?

I like the Chess stes they ve got on Chessmaster 10th, but i was wondering if there was a way to import new ones into the game?

I was able to create a model for Virtual Skipper 5 via an importer made for the game, so maybe something similar exists for Chessmaster ?

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I guess the first thing you would need to do is determine the exact file format that is required by Chessmaster. Does Blender support that file format? If not, is there a tool available that can convert a Blender-supported file format to the format required by Chessmaster?

Answering these questions should solve the issue for you.

Well, i think i wont be able to do that…

The existing sets are .dat files and i cant get an importer to change my .blend files into the requested format.
The only available tool lets you extract the texturing of a set and change it (color, spec. etc…)
I think i have to stick with the (rather nice) existing sets !!!

Thank nevertheless Kernond !

a dat file is a generic file extension. With the file extension alone you can’t determine the ‘format’ of the data within (outside of it being binary, bwahahaha).
You’ll need to find out how the game engine itself reads the dat files. Alot of times the dat files are .bmp, or 3d files just given the .dat extension to throw off people attempting to rip off game art. It’s also a good way to keep your softwares internal parts internal. (If that makes sense)
Good luck on this.

I was hoping to find an answer to this thread. Made chess set and pieces in blender, just need a way to import them into the chessmaster 10 game

Replying 14 years later must be a new record here :joy:

I know, ive looked through forum after forum, any direct answers for 2021?