Importing NURBS into blender from rhino

Guys, I would like to import NURBS curves and surfaces into blender from rhino. Currently if I import using other formats like *.obj, *.fbx, *.dae, etc. the NURBS are imported as mesh objects. I need to retain the objects as NURBS during import. Is there a way to import NURBS as NURBS into blender directly from *.3dm (rhinoceros 3d) files.

Kindly please help me…

Is there a way to import NURBS as NURBS into blender
Very much doubt it since nurbs in blender are extremely basic.

Blender is a mesh modeller so use as meshes otherwise just stick with Rhino. Why do you need to use nurbs in blender ?

Well, thank you. My friend is actually an experienced NURBS modeller and hasn’t used mesh modelling at all. He uses rhino and grasshopper for modelling. The thing is he likes the node based rendering of Cycles (since it looks similar to grasshopper). So he wishes to use blender just for rendering. That is why he is asking is there a way to import NURBS as NURBS. Well, I have heard about OpenNURBS library. Will it help in this case…?

If he intends to render in Blender, he should export his model from Rhino in a polygonal mesh format (OBJ…), import that into Blender and then do the renders. Cycles will convert everything you throw at it to mesh anyway - so why not do it beforehand in Rhino?

If Rhino does its job correctly, the exported mesh should come with custom vertex normals, which ensure correct shading in Cycles regardless of the underlying geometry.

I don’t think it is possible to import rhino nurbs into blender. To import NURBs, compatible formats such as IGES or STEP must be supported which are not available in Blender.