Importing OBJ exported from Tinkercad doesn't work

I’ve attached the example:

BotBlitz (254 KB)

I created this object in Tinkercad (It was a class project). I want to import it into Blender to do some additional painting. But when I try to import it blender creates a “Tinker” object, but with no points, no material, no nothing. I import it in other programs and it works fine, but in Blender, I get nothing. Any idea what’s wrong?

I see an error message when trying to import the .obj (Blender 2.78c), because the corresponding .mtl file is incorrect:
It sets a value of 0.0 for the illum parameters of all materials. From my understanding illum has to be an integer between 0 and 10, so Blender can not understand what “0.0” is supposed to mean. Once corrected the file imports just fine.

Mind you, though, that the mesh comes in quite large (35 x 24 x 20 meters) and is quite a bit away from the scene origin.


Excellent advice. Worked great for me.

Thanks! Quite helpful.