Importing .obj files to blender 2.6

ok so i downloaded a model from, and the model information said that it can be downloaded as 3ds max or .Obj files. so i downloaded the obj files knowing that they are compatable with blender. now i run into the issue with how the heck do i import them into blender? it is a realy good model so please someone help me out.


File / Import / Wavefront obj. Select the obj file form the file browser window that will open


hello, i am new and have a problem with downloading object (and also blend) files. I have done as posted above (which is very clear thanks) but the object file does not appear. I did look in other layers. And i do see that on the right top corner of blender, the Scene has been added with many things. But no model in blend. I did try zoom, but also no luck. Anyone any idears? Thanks in advance!

Post a link to the obj file and your blend file after you imported the obj is the object i would like to add into blender. I uploaded a prntscreen here. The thing i see that is changed is the top right corner.

Hope you can help! Thank you.

It is too big, increase far clipping distance on the N panel

Thank you raw zombie. I still can’t manage to open this Object file, even with the Clip set excactly like yours.
I did manage it with the 3ds version. Strange that 3ds worked and object file did not, while it was same download.
Any idears why this could be would interest me, just to learn from it!

On your screnshot file opened normally, objects appears in outliner, but in obj file objects very big and located far from world center, try to select object in outliner and press Numpad . (view selected) it centerd view to this object (dont forget increase clipping distance).
I opened 3ds version and objects are smaller than in obj version.

Or when you import obj file (imported objects are selected), press S -> .001 -> Enter objects will be scaled like in 3ds file.

thanks i will try it. Another question. On google it says you can download Jpeg and rar files too, except i can not find it in the import options. Any idear if its renamed or anything?

Raw, i changed view and there it was :slight_smile: also did clipping like you said. In front few could not see it, in side few clear as rain! thanks.