importing obj help

I know this is not the correct forum but I could not find a forum on Google that was for begginers.

I want to import an obj object and so I to to import - obj - then hit import in the upper right corner but nothing appears. I only get that cube in the screen and not the object. The object shows on the list on the right but not in the main window.

How do I remove that cube and how can I see an imported obj object?


Look to see if the object is very very small or very very large (use the import settings to change). Then scale larger or smaller so it fits the view.

In the properties panel (shortcut N) you may need to adjust the end clipping distance if it is very very large.

How do I remove that cube and how can I see an imported obj object?
Seelct it and use X to delete

Thanks but I so new at this that I am not sure how to follow your directions. I do get the model files but not the visual - all I get is a small orange dot that cannot be zoomed as it remains one size.

Upload your blend file to and tell us the download link so we can see for ourselves

Thanks I figured out the problem. I tried to import an X-Plane .obj but X-Plane uses a different type of .obj file than the normal one.

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