Importing obj model is very small can't be viewd , but on microsoft 3d viewer it can be viewed right

i try to import obj model in blender 2.9 but it is very small and i just can’t resize/scale it in any known way but when i view the model in Microsoft 3d viewer i can see it just fine.

And this is how i can see it in Microsoft 3d viewer:

How can i make the obj model to be viewable ?

Sorry, but we have no way of knowing what you know. Your screenshots provide no info so we can’t tell if you’ve actually imported anything or if you’re just taking a screenshot of a random origin. So we can not tell if this is a scale issue.

Try making your screenshots more helpful to those who want to help: e.g. display relevant info (in this case, the object-info panel showing us the dimensions of the object would have been a lot more helpful than the tool-tab), and, even more helpful, select the imported object and do a View->Frame Selected. Thanks.

Good luck.

Use the Clamp Size on the Obj Import dialogue, set to 10-20, etc to clamp the obj bounds to a larger size…