Importing OBJ sequence of external baked garment simulation

Having developed my own garment simulation software (outside of Blender), I have added the ability to bake the simulation frames to individual OBJ files.

I have been trying to find a way to import this sequence of files into Blender, because I want to create some high-quality renders. But I don’t think there is functionality available which directly supports this. I therefor assume I will have to write my own script. That should be doable, but I’m wondering if there is already something I could base this on.

Would anyone know if there already is a script perhaps which might serve as a decent basis. Any particular hints/tips/information for me to consider? Or have I completely missed something which would already provide this functionality?

Brilliant. Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a go. Should I make some updates which are worthwhile, then I’ll let you know.