importing object problems

Hello. I am new to blender and figured a good first project would be to create a house. I finished one room and wanted to add a window. I figured the best way would be to create the window in a new project and import it in when I am finished. After creating the window, I go back to the room and try to import the window. When I do this:

file>import>VRML 1.0…>select window.blend>Import VRML 1.0

it just opens that project instead of importing it into the current project

I tried searching for the answer but couldn’t find it. What am I doing wrong?

I wouldn’t keep windows in a separate scene from the house. The only time I would do that is if I was working on different scenes or characters. That’s not too important but you shouldn’t really use VRML or any other format to store scene objects. I’m pretty sure you just save them as normal blend files and reference them in your scene because other formats can sometimes lose hierarchy information and they rarely store animation or armature information. I don’t know how you do the referencing thing, I’m afraid.