Importing Objects From Another Project?

I have been building a few things in one blender file for an eventual animation later on. My question is, how do I export/import objects from diffrent projects?

Click on “Append or Link” (or use Shift+F1 to get there).
This opens the Append dialog in which you can choose the blend file that contains your object.
LMB on this one and it will open to show the “material, mesh and objects”
LMB on Objects and it will show all objects.
Choose the ones you wish and RMB them or select them and use “Load Library”.

I tried doing this, nothing shows up on the screen when I try to “Load Library”. I’m using blender 2.42. Could someone help me out?

NVM I’m an Idiot. Sure am getting out to a horrible start posting here.

dont worrie every one has posted things that seem silliy at one point of another.
as for you question i am unsure why shift F1 or link append did not work.
one possibility is that your objects center is to far from the object and is thier for not visable from the average view ports to check whether it has in fact appended it look under the out liner and check to see if the name of the appended object is thier if it is its most likely just out of your current view.