importing objects ?

Hi im wondering if anyone can tell me how i can import my other blender work into the project im working on now, i want to use an eyeball i allready have


Roach 8)

Use file/append. Note: you can import a whole scene if you want to.

ok i’ll try that thanks very much

Roach 8)

When I select scene for import, nothing is imported. The same happens for camera. If I select individual objects or the camera as an object, or individual meshes, those will import, but the scene never works. Any ideas what would solve this?

Look for it in the SCE: Field in the top header.


Thanks for helping out


also note that when you append something, it comes in the layer it was in origianlly. So if you camera was in layer three, you append it, and don’t see anything, turn on layer 3 also… there it is.

Or after appending hit ~ , that’ll turn on all the layers, and you should be able to see your appended object then.