importing old theme?

Hello all,
I am wondering how it is possible to get a theme from ver 2.42a to 2.43?
I can’t find the file (or directory) that is used for the user defaiult to try to copy the file.
To not have to go back and change all the ui colors again would be very nice.

Go to File>>Export>>Save Current Theme.

This should save the theme as a python script which you can run in 2.43 to update the theme. Then Ctrl-U.

ah, thank you for the help. I had looked under export, but I missed that.
I guess I ended up doing a sort of hack to get the theme in place:
There is a filecalled “.B.blend” in my 2.42a directory (…/Blender/.blender) I saw that it was updated today. I had adjusted the theme and saved the user default. I knew that was the only time I had used 2.42a recently. So, I opened .B.blend with 2.43 and sure enough everything in the theme was loaded. I saved the user default and it’s working now.
It’s good to know there is an easier way to do this. :smiley: