Importing or merging two scenes

Hey people! I was following the Adrianna tutorial in the community journal #2, and completed an entire head mesh that lacked ears. Then I created an ear in a separate scene with the idea of importing the ear into the head scene later. I cant figure out how to merge the two scenes.:frowning:

On the Ear, Ctrl-L >> To Scene. Goto the Body Scene, select the Ear and U >> Make Single User.


Uhh, I seem to be having a little trouble. When in the ear file, I press ctrl-l and then click to scene. A floating box comes up with the text "scene " in it. if i click this it tells me “error; this is the current scene”. Then I opened the head file and pressed u, but then a menu came up called make single user with the options Object, Object & ObData, Object & ObData & Materials & Tex and Materials & Tex. Now what?

Aaghhhh… you’re in a seperate File, not a Scene. Look at the top Header and you’ll see what a Scene is; you can have multiple scenes in one file. No worries.

In the Body file goto File >> Append and navigate to the Ear file. Click on it, click Objects (not Mesh!!), and MiddleMouseButton (MMB) click the Ear object.


OOOOPS!:o I didn’t know that there was a difference. Sorry! Anyways, thanks very much! I now have the head and ear connected! :smiley: Now I’m going to try and attach a body!:evilgrin: Thanks again!