importing PDF files

Hi everyone,
I have a pdf floor plan of my apartment and I am renovating some rooms I want to create a 3d image of the space can I use bender?
2. how can I import a pdf or do i have to convert the pdf to a different format before i can import it and finally, what is a good program to convert pdf files to use in bender.

Thank you all

You’ll have to convert indeed. I’d say do a search on the internet for: “Convert pdf to image”. You’ll find a lot of different options.


I think (not tried this an if I’m wrong someone will shoot me down lol) you can open your pdf in inkscape(free) trace your wall lines then export as .svg . When you import into blender now its as curves, so just select and extrude

Or use this>
Iwould actually like to be able to import a pdf as an image and rasterize it.
I always recieve old plans from clients in pdf format and have to run them through gimp.
Anyway hope it helps.

hi ejnaren,try free version of “wintopo” .it does centerline tracing

If the floor plan was saved as vectors in the pdf, I would convert the pdf to svg, and open it in Blender in a layer. The lines can then be directly used as a basis for extrusion and the solid modifier.

Myself, I use Photoline for this. Illustrator also opens pdf files and saves to svg. Or use another tool to convert your pdf to svg.

If you prefer a rasterized image: same procedure, but save as a bitmap. Clean up scanned floor plans in your editor first. If the lines are very clean, another option is to convert those to vectors, simplifying them, and save as svg for import in Blender.

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