Importing photographic guide to layer

new to blender, just started viewing tutorials (pretty steep learning curve)
guess this is best place to ask.
would like to know is possible import a photograph to a layer that is transparent on top to use as a guide to make wireframe object of it ?
For example an ornate fireplace inside a room.
Think eventually want to make a model of a room to put drawings inside

if you bring up the properties panel “N” if it isn’t already open. Then scroll towards the bottom and look for background images. If you check that box you can open up a picture and have it set to be seen in the viewport.

Or if you prefer as I seen others do is they import an image as plane and then use that as their reference image. If it is not listed under the file>import section then go to your user preferences and click addons, and in the search window type “images as plane” and check mark it to enable it then save user preferences. You should now see the import option images as plane.

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