importing pictures as guides

im currently practicing modeling in blender and wanted to try the toyota celica modeling tutorial. In the tutorial, it says to bring up the premade outline of the car (which is in jpeg format) in blender to use it as a guide when modeling the car. How would i do that?
thanx in advance :slight_smile:

in the “view” menu at the bottom of the window, select “background image.” then set the path to the image in the window that pops up. it also lets you resize and move the image around, very useful.

thanxs :smiley: :smiley:
that helps a lot

Be advised that the background image only shows when one of the “standard” views is employed. In other words, the numpad 1, 3, 7, CTRL 1, CTRL 3 and CTRL 7 are the only views in which the image can be seen. This is a good thing though, since you want to be in these visual modes when entering vertices. You can also change the transparancy of the image by using the blend slider. The scale input allows you to shrink or enlarge the image, while the offset inputs allow you to position the image exactly the way you want it.