importing poser v4 models to blender?

Is blender able to import poser v4 models? I found an awsome v4 model for sale and cheap but my main unknown is can i import it to blender and tweak, alter poly count ect.? and then export into unity3d engine? since unity is the engine i’m using for my game project.

actually just realized daz 3 studio is free and the v4 plugin is free also. Since daz studio supports ojb. I was hoping i could import characters into blender,lower the model polys to low-mid poly count and export to unity game engine. can this be done?

It can but there are a few problems:

  1. Poser/Daz models can’t be used commercially for 3d aplications, neither can derivitive models.

  2. Lowering the polycount to something useable is nearly as much work as modeling from scratch.

  3. I can’t think of a third but I’m sure it exists.

To avoid problem 1 you could use make human instead of V4. To avoid problem 2 you can retopo over the mesh rather than try to reduce the polycount. I’m afraid you’re on your own for problem 3.

ok thanks, looks like i’ll be bulding my characters from scratch in blender. it’s really better that way but man figure moeling is not my strong point!