Importing problem

Hello i’m Jeremy and i just tryed to import some geometry from 3ds max 8 and my geometry is all bunched up together and is nothing like what i made, this is probably a simple problem, or not even as far a problem but i can’t find a answer any where.

can anyone assist me on what i shall do to make my geometry whole again?:evilgrin::spin:

Yeah, 3DS format is hit or miss (it has about a 50% success rate, so no one really uses it anymore).
Also, 3DS only supports vertex UV mapping instead of full face mapping like OBJ format.

Try selecting the object in 3DSMax and then export selected as Alias Wavefront OBJ. This should produce 2 files, a .OBJ and MTL file. Keep them together, in the same folder, then use import OBJ from Blender.