Importing Problems

I am part of the OIF: The Game team and i have found a way to export our models to acd3 files and i can import them back in but why does the menu for importing dissapear after jsut a few imports and why do the textures not import? Should i export the texture map as well and load them both?

also some of the exported files won’t import back in. WHy is that? THe error message is check console python script error.

these are questions particular to that export script

as for your textures, the ac3d format might not support it
[does it?]
but perhaps it is just that the script is lazy

[for many file formats though, the image isn’t part of the file, so that could also be your problem]
also, can you say:

which version of blender?

what operating system?

what version of python have you installed?

are there any errors printed on the console window?

winblows xp home,
blender 2.33a
no python (that is why i used ac3d cause that is the only one it would export and still import)
the error message is : erro.python script.check cosole

the console says:

trying to import acd3 from C:…
traceback (most recent call last):
file “(string)”, line 419, in filesel_callback
file “(string)”, line 122, in init
file “(string)”, line 319, in parse_file
file “(string)”, line 180, in parse_mat
value error: invalid literal for float():rgb

What is causing the menu to dissapear?
Why can i not import certain ones?

btw, i now have the latest python installed and that fiber script working but i am still getting that error which seems to tell me it isn’t python related but rather something witht the last line of the debug - i don’t know how to fix it other than to perhaps change rgb levels?

is there away to export multiple meshes in one raw triangle file? I found that by using the raw triangle codec it fixed my problem whith the acd3 codec but now when i import them back in only one mesh is imported! This brings up a whole new can of worms cause if i joined all the meshes to create one mesh that would mess up the textures completely! Any help would be greatly appreciated and i would still like to use the acd3 codec if any one came up with the fix!