Importing .PSD Files while Texturing...

I’ve had a look around the forums and the web for information regarding this issue but I’ve come across nothing and I’m wondering if someone out there can help me, I’m using the latest stable 2.5 release at the momment. I’m positive in some of the builds in the past I’ve been able to import PSD’s

The reason I’m asking is because currently while I’m painting a texture in Photoshop and I have to save it out as a .PNG or a .TGA, but this process is really slow in Photoshop and takes a while to go through the options and then do the save, Where as just saving the .PSD is lightning quick.

Any help would great, even if its a nudge towards another method of doing this.

SOLVED: Installing Apple QuickTime on Windows allows Blender to view the .PSD’s Shared libraries?
ALTERNATIVE: Work in .TIFF layered format.

Are you trying to open psd files in the UV image editor? I’ve found if you add the psd as a texture to a material I can then select that texture in the image editor from the list of existing textures even though I using the image / open image menu entry doesn’t work

I’m trying to add the texture to a material so I can preview it on the model. When adding a new texture to the material Add Texture > Image or Movie > Open Image - the .PSD’s aren’t displayed and a forced file select shows no texture.

Found a solution, I’ve updated the first post with it.