Importing, Python scripts and bpymodules

OK, to begin with, I’m using Blender 2.43 which was compiled on a 64-bit system. The console tells me this is bad (starting without -d says the same thing):

$ blender -w -d
64 bits compiles will give incorrectly saved .blend files. Do not use it.

*** If you continue to run this executable, you really are quite stupid ***

But this isn’t important right now! :smiley:

I’ve had Blender installed in some form for a while, so I think I’m familiar with it but haven’t really used it much.

Recently, I decided to import a .3DS project. When I couldn’t find 3DS in the File > Import menu, I did some searching in the Scripts pane, and found that there weren’t any scripts loaded. Fine. I chose the path for the scripts in the settings pane (/usr/share/blender/scripts/) which does indeed have all of the relevant scripts. Then I updated the menu, and went to File > Import > 3D Studio. I got an error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 122, in ?
ImportError: No module named BPyImage is located in /usr/share/blender/bpymodules.

Also, I realize none of these settings stay. After I close Blender, anything I changed (including defining the scripts path) revert to default, which has NO script path defined.

Any idea what’s going on? Am I just retarded and missed something simple? Thanks.

I could be wrong about this, but on my system, the python scripts library are in my ${HOME}/.blender directory.

I may be of a bit more help if I knew what kind of OS you are running.


After setting the paths, just save the user settings with Ctrl-U.


Aha, that worked! Thanks!

I’m using Gentoo.