Importing question

KK, so I’ve tried to import my first .obj (just tried the make human app:evilgrin:), everything went as should…except no model was imported. I’ve got a python script even telling me it was imported fine in .9456 seconds. But again nothing in my 3d view…just my default scene.

What is it I’m missing?

hit the tilda button ~ to turn on all the layers

No unfortunately that didn’t do much of anything.
when I go to the directory with the exported obj file i have a choice between the material and the mesh. I click on mesh then click on import a wavefront obj. The “python console” tells me it was imported fine, with
verts: 11222 faces: 11490 materials: 9 smoothgroups: 0

Then it goes onto list the file path for the imported file.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Okay, try this,
add a mesh to your scene, it can be any thing,
now select the odject
and in the liks and materials you should see a dropdown menu, labled ME:Sphear, or what ever object you just add,
not click the pop up, and choose the object,
the modle you imported,
hopefully that works

Man I feel so stupid. Thanks for the help but I figured out what I was doing. My default scene has my first “finished” project ever on it…its nothing more than a small marble. But the obj imports even smaller. I guess it was always there…just to small to see it lol.

Thanks for the help/quick replies anyway though lol.

My pleasure,
you gotta watch out with that control “U” comand, you might not even be aware of hitting it
and you will have something like local view set, and it might trip you out to have to find out what happend