Importing rhino curves to use with proflow weld plugin?

Hi. I am using pro flow and really like it. It really helped me to improve some models.
I believe Proflow works with poly lines in blender and then just apply a bunch of modifiers generating the weld array. I am wondering how to import my curves from rhino in order to have the exact curve to guide my mesh. So far I have been solving this by re-modeling my mesh in Blender (the one coming from Rhino is extremely polluted) and works really well, but it takes me a long time to re model the parts of my rhino model just to get the curve that guide the weld.

Is it possible to find bring the curve from rhino as a poly line in blender? That will save a lot of time in my workflow. I try a few ways, but did not work. I guess it has to do with the curve not being a mesh in rhino. I guess I could make a really small pipe.

Sorry I side tracked, any ways to import curves in 3d space from rhino to Blender?

Thank you a lot