Importing .rwx files into blender?

Anybody ever do this before? How?

i dont even know what that is

It’s a RenderWare object format (or so I gather), you can google it for more precise information.

I’m trying to figure out how to import it into blender.

Try accu trans 3d:

You can download a 30 day working program.

So I would have to convert .rwx into a fromat that blender will recognize like .obj.

I was kinda hoping for something more direct, but I guess I’ll try it with this.

Is there an Open Source converter that I can use as an alternative to accu trans 3d?

Renderware files are supposedly txt files, so you could take a look at writing your own importer. It’s probably not worth the effort for a few files, though. I don’t know of any open source converters.

The only Open Source tool that I know of that has any support for RWX at all is Wings, but thats export only since the client I wrote it for didn’t really need import at the time. IIRC, the story was the same for most applications that supported RWX: import wasnt really considered nearly as important as export, so very few apps support it.

Thankfully the RWX format is very simple, and writing a python importer shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Heres a description of the format which I used when developing Wings RWX export: