Importing Sculpt Data into Blender?

Is it possible to import just Sculpt Data information from let’s say Zbrush or Mudbox into Blender? I know that multiresolution Sculpted information can be stored externally. Mudbox also allows to save the Sculpt Information even from Zbrush to the same mesh. I wonder if this can be done in blender?

Blender mesh multires=4. Export object to mudbox, sculpt it, save Sculpted data, then load it into blender…

Notice that I am not talking about the .OBJ model, just the Sculpt Information

Notice that I am not talking about the .OBJ model, just the Sculpt Information

You’d have to import an obj for each subdivision level and project that onto your mesh at the appropriate subdivision level in blender.

When you said about “Project that onto your mesh” do you mean is it possible to transfer that sculpted details to my original mesh keeping the Mutiresolution Modifier active? or do you mean just creating the Normal Map from the high mesh to the lo mesh?

I said this because my pipeline is having a mesh Multiresolution 4, already sculpted in Blender. But all animation in the view port runs with the Lowest Resolution Level, I hide the sculpting Modifier but the rendering is still active. In that way I can run the animation in the view port at real speed. ( Even though it will render the High Mesh), now if I want to sculpt with mudbox lets say the same Level 4, then I need to transfer or project all that sculpted information onto my Blender mesh so I can still use my Low Mesh in the 3D View Port. Is there a process for that? I wouldn’t mind to load the .OBJ from mudbox but I need to transfer the sculpting to the Multiresolution Modifier and then delete the imported Mudbox Object…Does it make sense?

Hey guys ! I found a supposedly way to reshape, copy Vertex location from a high mesh ( Example Mudbox ) to the same excact mesh subdivided equally in Blender. The idea is to transfer the sculpting data from other onto Blender Multireolution Modifier.

Results are pretty close but still no good. See the screen shot below.

((Yes scale has been applied, my axes are exactly at same location and orientation but still I don’t know what could be wrong )))

To: RICHARD MARKLEW: Hello Richard I appreciate you try to answer questions but sometimes is better to remain silent if you don’t know what is being talking about. I have noticed it in many other Threads, just a vague answer and then you never come back. ( or you post that you did not response because the question was bad formulated…DAM !)


All RIGHT Guys ! I am so happy I got the problem, now I can Sculpt on Zbrush or Mudbox and transfer that Information to the Multiresolution Modifier keeping my LOW mesh for Animation View Port ! Blender really has potential with this reshape tool.

" THE PROBLEM WAS WE NEED TO SELECT “keep vertex order” option when exporting and importing your .obj mesh.

( in case anyone interested :))

I will mark this thread as solved !

Not interested.

He he Also by looking at your Threads and your “methal late” this way is obviously not for you, plus this is also RAM eater because you need to have two high mehes loaded at the same time, and also quoting what you said here:

It is more than obvious that this is not for you… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Do you know if it’s possible to import subdivision levels that are made in Zbrush?

yes my friend it also works from Zbrush ! I transferred sculpted data from Zbrush 4R3 and it works beautifully.

Also, this is great tip if you have low RAM. Set your view port to “BOUND BOX” ! So you can load your two high meshes quickly, and blender won’t look sluggish. Do the transference to the Multiresolution modifier by clicking RESHAPE and then delete the imported mesh. Then set 3D view port back to “SOLID” and see your master piece !

Note: always check the axes, they must be set equal for both before clicking “RESHAPE”