importing solids from Bricscad

I’m using Bricscad Intellicad to produce architectural models. I would like to use blender to animate some scenes.
The problem is that Bricscad can only save DXF, DWG and export the acis solids in SAT. DXF does not include solids.
Does anyone know how to solve this?
I’ve tried severall conversion programs but none converts DWG.

thank you

Are you sure dxf doesn’t save solid objects? I thought it was a standard like the .obj format. Have you tried loading a dxf file straight into Blender? It supports loading dxf through the normal file open command. I’m not sure how good it is though.

Actually, I’ve noticed in my version of Blender, you do import dxf.

DXF does include solids, the problem is that Blender does not recognise them, only Acad or Intellicad (in this case Bricscad).
Actually , It’s a normal issue among converters, they state that can’t read/write solids.
tough luck I guess.
I still have to find a reasonably priced converter that does this.



There are some converters here:

You could maybe try this vrml out for autocad. That is get the autocad software or something that supports dxf/dwg and this vrml plugin, export to vrml and load that into Blender:

hmm, if you export to dxf blender should have no problems with it. also solid structures are preserved (in blender only important if you render refractions/glass and such - afaik those objects neet to be a close polygonal hull. someone slap me if i missed the real point/definition of solids, though)

if you need a rock-solid and versatile “converter” for free, go check the trial version of Cinema 4D. it used to come with many graphic magazines, or is available from their website.

the latest blender build also has built-in import scripts for many formats (STL, OBJ, VRML, SLP, RAW, WINGS, DXF etc…)

You can also try sketchup ( ) - it imports dxf/dwg and exports VRML.

Thanks but I already tried Cinema4D, and as far as I could understand it does not import the solids (I’m talking about ACIS solids).
So far it’s a dead end…but I’ll keep searching.

thanks again


I checked Sketchup on their website but is costs to much money for me. Even if it worked, I would still need a permanent solution I could buy in order to start working with blender3D.
As I said before, I’ll keep looking for a solution.
Thanks once again


Try to convert the Acis Solid to meshes.
Use de Meshout.lsp, load into BricsCad / AutoCad, and run.
You can change the density of mesh.
If you loose your solid, see the meshout_(number) layer, the solid is moved to this layer, unfreeze and voila the solid is back
See this URL

Good Luck

Gran OSO

Thanks Gran OSO

I’ve just downloaded the meshout.lsp. However I ran into a “XLOAD FAILURE” when trying to use it in bricscad. I just emailed the developers asking for a kind answer/solution.
I’ll try the bricscad discussion forum now
I believe that it might be a question of different command names in the routine; still maybe this one will work

thanks again


In AutoCAD you can export ACIS Solids using the 3DSOUT command, then import the file with the 3DSIN command. This converts the ACIS Solids to 3D Faces and meshes which can be saved as a DXF (ver 12) that can be read by Blender.

The only problem is that I don’t know if IntelliCad or Bricscad has the 3DS commands, but if you do have them, this should do the trick.

I know, but unfortunately Bricscad doesn’t export to 3DS.
thanks anyway


You can export an STL file? (stereolitographie), is usual export an STL file from solids.
In the avalon repository (old, very old but usefull) you can download an STL Util file and try whit this for convert your STL exported file from BricsCAD to DXF or OBJ format.

thanks again but I can only export the full files in DWG and DXF (the program exports the solids in SAT, but this format does not include the meshes).
I guess that people at are already trying to import the full contents of the DXF files (acis solids and meshes), so maybe in the next release that function will be available.

Best regards