Importing SVG inverts squiggle

Hi all,

I’m a bit stumped. I’m trying to import an SVG file of a squiggle I’d like to turn into a ‘pipe’ mesh.
Weirdly the top half seems to have worked when importing, but the bottom half has inverted.

I’ve included here the original photo of the drawn squiggle, cleaned up in GIMP and converted to SVG in Inkscape. And the result screen grabbed in Blender.

Any tips? Rogue vertices perhaps? Any approaches to solve this much appreciated.


Import in Blender

Hi, try one of the online SVG converters.

holy crap that totally worked!!! So can you elaborate on what went wrong in my first attempt?

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The vertices of the curves and the curves themselves probably joined in places forming a path that was interpreted as a filed object…in the Curves tab in the N-Panel …you can set the fill to none and get rid of that…which you will want to do if making a pipe object…
I think you will have to add the Bevel to curves individually and then maybe convert that to a Mesh so things can be cleaned up…where all the squiggles overlap might be a bit of a mess…

I don’t really know, but it did happened to me once using inkscape and when i used other converter it worked.

Hi James,

Have you tried Specio addon for handling svg importing? I’ve been meaning to try it out myself.

Cheers and happy blending!

I’ve not. The online convertor worked like a charm for now!