importing syntheyes to blender

Hi. I am very new to both syntheyes and blender. i have been extremely frustrated trying to import syntheyes to blender. syntheyes can export as blender (python) i have no idea how to import this in blender. can somebody help me? do i need to have knowledge of python?
please be simple with an explanation, because i am inexperienced and might get lost with too technical of an explanation. thank you for reading and being patient with my inexperience.

It is very simple.

Open the .py file in a Blender text editor window, and with your mouse cursor over the window press ALT+P to run the script. It will import the tracking data into Blender.

Syntheyes will parent Empty to a same parent in blender which in the 3d view port will look terrible since by default blender is showing parenting link with a line.

So I would recommend you to go in the “View” button of your 3d view, click on View properties and desactivate the “relationship lines” button