importing textured models

Hello I’ve been having troubles with importing textured models into blender, I’ve tried different file formats and nothing seems to work. The models are made in another modeling application and are completely uv mapped and textured but I can’t figure out how to import them fully textured into blender. Any help would be great.

OBJ format is reported to work quite well, or even 3DS.
Save and import one object at a time!

I have imported one at a time, I’ve tried obj and 3ds. The model imports fine but it refuses to import its textures and animation.

And To keep from peope getting confused, yes I know that obj and 3ds does not support animation. I’ve tried to import as x for animation and it only imported the model.

Well, most probably only a UV Mapped image/Texture will be imported…and maybe difuse/color?!

shouldn’t the collada format import/export animations as well?

I have the same problem. even redid the model, it refuses to bring in particles such as fur, i have to redo everything all the time. help