Importing to Blender

For my 3D animation project, I had animate a character on Blender, so I chose the Yoshi eggs!! (Yay! :D) Anyway, I was trying to find some leaves for a nest, but I couldn’t, so I went onto Google 3D Warehouse and found a tree that looks good enough for a nest. The thing is is I don’t know if it’s possible to upload it on there. So can anyone help? Please respond ASAP! (And this is my first thread on Blender’s forums so if I posted it in the wrong place, just give me a say-so and I’ll swap it to a different place. Thanks!)

if you downloaded a google sketchup file, then here’s how to get it into Blender.

open up the file with the free Google Sketchup program. Then export it to a collada file. Then import that Collada file with Blender from the file menu.


I was able to successfully download a model from Google Sketchup and import it into Blender 2.49b. on Windows XP

Thanks for the tips, fellow blenders.

Here’s what I did.

I downloaded and installed Sketchup. I chose to do the “Pro” version free trial, which gives you 8 hours of actual use time (the application being open, I guess…)

After installing Sketchup, I opened it and from its menu did a search for the model I wanted on Google, and downloaded it directly into the program.

Then, I exported it as a .3ds file.

Then I imported it into blender.

There may be other ways to do it, but this worked.


As usual, I used the above method (export from sketchup as .dae, import to blender), but got the following error message:

“ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.”

Anyone know what’s going on? And more importantly, how do I fix it?


Try exporting the file from Sketchup as a .3ds file. That’s what worked for me. The .dae, I’ve never gotten to work.

Also, note that I downloaded the Sketchup PRO trial, and not the free version. Maybe this has something to do with it.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.

DAE is in better shape in 2.5. Fairly unusable in 2.49.

Recently I was able to export an entire animation from Poser Pro as DAE and import it into Blender with the animation intact. That was nice to see. Still some bugs with prop locations, however.