importing .upk to blender

i used the unrealed 3 to open he upk, but i am unfamiliar with the unrealed3, i am more familiar with the udk, which is proving to be more different than it would seem.

i want to export the uncompressed character from the library to blender by exporting as a obj.

i successfuly exported it once, no clue how, but when i imported it to blender, the outliner stated that there was no object imported.

i do not know if it was a static mesh or not, or how to tell, or if it even matters.

if someone knows how to do this with the unreal editor 3, id appreciate it.

any charater model upk you can use as an example would be nice.

my biggest problem is i cannot just click and drag the mesh into the viewport like in the udk.

also i am un able to delete the default level cube in the unreal ed 3, unlike the udk where you just right click and say delete.

once again, if anyone can explain how i can do this i would appreciate it