Importing/using C3D data with 2.8x

I would like to apply a mocaped animation onto my armatur.
But I don’t know what to do with the C3D files.
Almost all of the search results link this thread:
I can not find any “C3D Graphics Labs Motion Capture files” addon in 2.81a.
There are 2 or 3 other C3D import addons for Blender I found but they’re all 3-6 years old, not maintained anymore and therefore don’t work with 2.8x.
Another addon that is mentioned is “Motion Capture Tools” but I can not find this addon in 2.81a either.

That is why you need to maintain an older version of Blender, imported as a .zip file to add where you want…I would go and grab a copy of 2.79B and use the C3d importer from there.

I have run into this problem with older scripts that were not and never will be updated to a current Blender Version…I have scripts that I need to use from time to time that came out for 2.64!
I use the script save a Blend File and open that Blend in current version…Sometimes it needs some work to run properly but most work just fine.

Yes seems there is no workaround for this currently so I’ll try my luck with 2.79,
thank you