Importing vector paths from other inmaging programs

Hi guys,
Anyone know how to import vector paths form the clipboards of other programs such as photoshop or illustrator? I am an expert with paths in these programs and the bezier functionality in blender just seems difficult and cludgy by comparison. If there are no scripts, plugins, or methods for this, would any of you programming savy artists be intrested in tackling this problem?
Thanx, Rambo

Jms wrote a script that imports and (I think) exports paths, do a search in the python forum. I think it works with PS, gimp and inkscape. But you’ll need the 2.40alpha and python 2.4 for it to work.

I’ve yet to get the script to work for Illustrator Paths using current Illustrator and 2.37a or 2.4 Blender (Mac) and using a variety of export options from Illustrator. I got close once but still nothing appeared.

The thread for jms script is here:
It can be downloaded here:

You should post a reply in the thread to let jms know what’s not working for you. There was someone else who mentioned it but it was a while back and I’d bet he either forgot or has a fix in the works but never hurts to ask him.

Thanx guys, this is the most helpful forum I’ve ever visited!