Importing vectors to Blender?

Is there any way to import vectors from CorelDraw, Freehand, Adobe Illustrator or other drawing program to Blender?

Has someone written any plugin scripts for eps or ai ?


known way:
convert to postscript 1 type font
[true type fonts would work too, in more recent releases]

add a text object, and set its font to that one

[set the text of the text object to whatever letter you made that curve]

convert to a bezier curve [in blender] with alt+c

:o good idea! do you know what software to use??

If you can export your file to Adobe Illustator (.ai)
you should be able to import it to Wings ( )and then save it as a .wings file, which Blender can now import.

If this doesn’t doesn’t work right then try exporting from Wings to Wavefront object (.obj), and import that to blender.

Im not sure how well the .ai file will translate, but it will probably work best with simple objects.

I am downloading wings 0.98 for testing…

When I had Max to use, I drew all the complex paths and curves in freehand and after that exported them to .ai. After that I just imported them to 3DMax. It really saved time.

Thank you, once again

Unfortunately, importing via Wings3D will convert the curve to a mesh.

There has been talk on about making an SVG importer to import SVG vector curves into Blender’s native curve object, but as far as I know, it’s waiting for further development on the curve module of Blender’s Python API, before it’s possible.