Importing video into blender


I’m relatively new to Blender and have a few questions about it. I have read The Essential Blender book and a few of the tutorials from the Wiki: Blender 3D Noob to Pro. I was wondering if and how it is possible to import video from say a camcorder into blender 3D, and then how people ‘line up’ their modeling to match that film. Thanks.

Are you talking about tracking? Thats really hard to do.

Well first I am wondering how you actually get video into blender to work with.

view>background image
then select use background image, movie, load one, and set the settings accordingly.

I think he meant rotoscoping…

actually you line up the video and camera (matchmove) then import that into blender. that link has the icarus software and video tutorals.

Right, exactly. I know that Blender is a sweet suite (no pun intended). What I was thinking specifically is like how they combine raw movie footage as a plate and then add the 3d elements on top of it. I will check out those tutorials. Thanks.

That is usualy done in a video editing program. You render out the 3D and then layer it ontop of the footage. But if you want to make sure it lines up, you do what shadowbane said. And if the camera will be moving you will need a matchmoving software, which will orient your camera in 3D space based on your 2D footage.

sorry to be picky but it’s a compositing programme… the compositor sends completed shots to be cut together by the editor :yes:

you can put the shots and the scene in the sequencer and hit the “do sequence” button for blender to put them together, just be sure to alpha mix

you can also use the node editor :smiley: - blender’s compositor.I’m surprised no one mentioned this yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Quick Blend file for a compositor demo - Alpha over or Mix/screen overlay - take your pick
(pics of blend output)


Oh, I guess my program just does both? Vegas and premiere both have multiple video chanels for compositing.

For some stuff Blenders compositor works, but using an external editor is more flexible.

someone else asked a really similar question, and it made me start thinking. so i played around with it a little bit and figured out one technique (i’m sure there’s thousands), but if you’re interested, i made a little video tut for it:

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for free i would recomend all apple users to download and license it because you may want it laters and it’s only avalible till sigraph. better to have it and not need it than want it and cant get it later.

if you’re a Lynda subscriber, consider my video on modeling a set and then integrating/matching the Blender camera to the real camera in

Totally garbled audio. Even VLC can’t play it. Any advice appreciated.