Importing videos in Cinelerra

Hello everyone,

I’ve been enjoying Linux for almost two years now, and I daily enjoy a very robust and versatile software suite for all my artistic needs.
A thing that lacks though is a good Video Software Editor. I’ve been trying painfully trying Openshot and PiTiVi and then discovered the very neat Kdenlive. However, on complex projects, the transitions tend to mess up, which is really a shame, considering how neat is the software.

Recently though, I stumbled upon Cinelerra, which seems great. I’ve been trying to use ever since. Trying indeed, because I have a big problem: I don’t know what file format it supports. I’ve been trying X264, XVid, MPEG4, MPEG1,2, WebM, OGG, etc… None is working. I’m so tired of this. I’m using MEncoder for encoding, and I don’t find any suitable format. Even image sequence needs TOC files that I don’t know how to produce.

So, if anybody can help me, I would be very glad to hear it!

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