is it possible to import an excel file of coordinates, numbers…that type of thing…and use those numbers as coordinates for movement of a sphere, for example, in blender

no, not directly. you should export the excel table as, let’s say CSV, then you’ll need a python script in blender to read those values and assign them to the appropriate channels.


and you do this how :o

i guess i should also be asking what format is the blender script in so that i can ‘translate’ what i have already (my coordinates) into the blender script.

Python is a programming language. See You would write a program, (which we are also calling a script) which opens your file of coordinates, reads in the numbers, and does what you want to the Blender scene using the Blender interface (classes and functions you can call from Python to make stuff happen in Blender or read stuff out of it). See for documentation about the Blender interface. Blender has the ability to run Python scripts (programs) built in. You can add a special header to the script file like this that makes it appear in the File->Misc menu (if the script file is in the right “scripts” directory for Blender).
Or use the text editor window to load (and/or edit) the script, and press ALT+P.


i went to however, what submodule am i tweaking so that i can substitute my coordinates in, so i can get my animation working

i should be writing a script to make it work, but what submodule am i changing or basing it on