Impossible cube

Eh… Impossible cube…

My first impossible object on Blender :smiley:

Most interesting!

Especially done 'toon rendering style. Very nice…

Now do it as a glass object with caustics and HDRI in YafRAY or MegaPOV and you’ll be godlike. :wink:


Cool :slight_smile:

reminds me of some old works…
Keep it up!


How? :o

If blender uses geometry to determine the attributes of objects, how did you make a geometrically impossible cube in blender? I’ve seen something just like this on an optical illusion website. It’s good stuff. Good work. :slight_smile:

Oh, you can do that :wink:


how about 360degree rotations on those things? :wink:


Glass and rotation? Why not? %|
S68 - Cool pictures!
And how? Hmmm… I think I mus upload .blend file…

Oh! And thanks! :wink:

:expressionless: how strantge…

wow :expressionless: how did you do that…

Hehe, I like these optical illusions :smiley:

Tak sme se tu potkali docela brzo :slight_smile:

Very nice. Reminds of MC Escher.
A hle, dalsi temer nasinec.
2Tol: Kua, ty mas ale cuch, jak to vzdycky poznas, ze je to krajan (jako me si psal zase nekdo od nas zejo). :wink:
bye . vosa

2Tol: Kua, ty mas ale cuch, jak to vzdycky poznas, ze je to krajan (jako me si psal zase nekdo od nas zejo).

No u toho Tvyho nicku to bylo fakt tezky :smiley: Jinak s iINem jsem se bavil na a tam na sebe svuj nick prasknul :smiley: Odpor bude marny, Elysiun asimilujem a nastolime Cesko-Moravsko-Slovensky diktat, je to jen otazka casu :<

buy a book of MC ESCHER (I probably made a mistake speling it)
I can see subtle variation in the cubes colors (note the bridge) that makes me speculate on how you did it:
1)photo editing?
2)located the bridge differently than the rest of the cube?

on the other side, Stephan’s works are flowless, they realy seemd to be genuinely ren

Tol & vosa - Co myslite, co si ostatny ludia myslia o tom, co piseme rodnou recou ? :slight_smile: BTW: Pustime sa do Cesko-Moravsko-Slovenskeho prieniku! :smiley:

Hanzo - Thanks :wink:
lbzd210 - It’s quite difficult…

Kdyz se to neprehani, tak je to v pohode- my se tu jinak normale vetsinou bavime anglicky (viz moje i vosovy obrazky ve Finished project), ale tady jsme proste neodolali :smiley:

Ja to chapem… Ja mne sa tak komunikuje lepsie ale co si myslia ostatny… No… Slovencinu a cestinu si radsej nechajme na sukromne spravy a pokracujme “in English lnguage” :wink:

Please, stick to English… it might be interesting for us too!


what language is it anyway %|

It is czech and slovak language and all we have said is that we will continue in English :smiley: