"Impossible Odds" (new Blender color ramps)

Here’s something I made for Weekend Challenge #106 called “Impossible Odds, For Most.” For the “impossible theme” I wanted to create a character in a seemingly impossible situation.

As usual, I wanted to try something different, not just in subject matter but also in style. So after about nine hours of Blending (mostly spent on material tweaking) here we are :slight_smile:

For this project I also wanted to try the new color ramps from a recent binary posted at Blender.org. Ton coded the new ramps, which offer many new material possibilities. The results I think are really promising :slight_smile:

Click thumbnail to view image:


UPDATED: Render without toon edges

(expand if scrunched in browser ;))

And a wireframe

Thanks to Ton for adding the new feature (and to @ndy for requesting it :))


nice materials!

Robbertt, very nice!

I like the models and material… although I’d go with the regular 3d version and not the toon shaded… I think that when something is “impossible” the more convincing it looks the more “impossible” it seems, but its very good

that is a nice refreshment! very cool dragon ball z (yack! hate DBZ) feeling.

Good job m8.

hmm, I think the pose needs work…

also I liked the one without edges better…


traitor: Thank you very much traitor!

shul: Thanks shul! I was debating between the edged and edgeless versions. I’m leaning toward the edgeless one myself and just posted a larger and better render of that (update in 1st post).

@ner: Thanks! I don’t watch dragonballz but I’ve been meaning to do something anime/mangaish for a while and thought this was a good time to try it :slight_smile:

BlackMage: Thank you very much BlackMage :slight_smile:

basse: Thanks for the feedback! I’m leaning toward the edgeless one myself. I updated that image in the first post, adjusting the pose and camera angle slightly.


the colors are nice. the pose need more work. im not a fan of the fire.

Well, this is good I suppose. I mean, it would be a big accomplishment for me to do something like this, but this is not the caliber of work that I have come to expect from Robert Teiss!

I agree with the others regarding the pose. The colors seem to clash to me and the whole thing seems like it would work much better if it were done in a more realistic ‘dirty and rusty’ style.

The concept is very cool, the composistion is even better. The modeling isn’t your best but I certianly wouldnt put it down either. I think the modeling is one of this peices finest points.

Please dont take my crits as negetive comments. You should know by now that I respect you and your work very much. I only wish to help you keep the quality of your work up with the best, where it belongs.

very nice, i like it. It’s most non 3d looking 3d piece I’ve seen. That colorization is just wonderfull. I like it better without toon lines.

But he’s pose might need little adjustment. Place his both hands on the swords handle and make his legs stand little wider apart and with little bend on knees. Just a suggestion tough. :smiley:

i can dig it robertt, like the render without toon edges best.
and you are getting some nice effects with the wire shots too, they little artworks in themselves
whats next from the “factory of robertt”! :o

hexagon: Thanks hexagon. I tried modeling several different poses and this was one of the more effective ones given the storyline. I didn’t rig the character, but if I have time I’ll try a couple more poses to see if anything can be improved, not for the wc, just to see. I’ll post if it’s good. He’s supposed to be walking back to the edge of a cliff and is, we are perhaps lead to believe, about to make an “impossible escape,” which may have something to do with whatever he’s holding in his left hand behind his back. He’s surrounded and moving back slowly, aware of the dangerous edge he nears yet remains focused on his pursuers. At this point he’s about thinking, the choice to be made, or not, survival, or not, the calm before the storm or the beginning of an end :slight_smile:

dante: Thank you VERY much! I really appreciate your feedback, and believe me I completely understand where you’re coming from :smiley: I’ve been Blending long enough to put blends into context :slight_smile: This being a weekend challenge, time’s a factor, but that’s not something that concerns me (several of my “best” works were the fastest ones created :P). For me, this is by far the “best” toon shaded render I have ever produced, and that’s no small accomplishment believe me after numerous frustrated efforts at toon shading :smiley: Plus, I never did anything like anime/manga before, so this was another little personal milestone :slight_smile: In the larger scheme of my works, it’s not what I’d place in my list of my top ten blends :slight_smile: But one of the things I’ve been wanting to say for a while, because we all tend to look at things comparatively, is that it can be helpful, or sometimes essential, to consider things in their own contexts and not try to compare things too much, whether it’s artists or different works by an artist. This image stands out in my personal collection of Blender images for several reasons, mostly because it’s unlike anything I’ve done before and was a learning experience, knowledge I can bring to the next blend :wink: In some ways I hope my “best” work is years away :smiley: Something to work towards. There probably will be plenty more renders in between here and now that aren’t so great, but it’s all part of the experience :slight_smile: Think of your favorite artists or bands and all their works, and there are probably more than a few things that don’t seem to fit or sound good. These we skip over, pressing Forward on the CD player or turning the page in the art book (or clicking off to another web page if online). In our comparative mode, these works may be considered “lesser” than others, even unimportant or annoying to us, but I know those in-between and otherwise forgettable projects (to us, not necessarily the artists) are vital points in terms of personal artistic growth and are in a way like grout between the stones of the artist’s foundation. So this blend’s is like one more stone in the hypothetical pyramid I’m building, not a big stone, just one that brings me a step closer to the next level :wink: Thanks again for writing and for the encouragement! It’s made a difference I think!

Hippie: Thank you very much Hippie :slight_smile: For some reason he almost looked comical when I put him in that pose :smiley: The current pose was reached after a little debating :slight_smile: I wanted him to have a hint of being crafty and collected, as if an impossible situation before him couldn’t shake him, that he’d stay cool, even if pushed to the cliff of the edge as he was here, because somehow he managed to maintain control. Whether he escapes or not maybe is something for the viewer to help decide. What does he hold in his left hand? Is he willing to leap and take it with him to an uncertain end, or will he use it to effect his escape? Or does the dude just have a wedgie from all that running and sword dueling? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Wu: Thank you very much for your supportive words Wu. I’ve decided to go with the edgeless version for the wc, although it won’t make a difference since I’ve decide to enter it as “non-participating” to underscore the “I do it for the love of blender” thing :slight_smile: Yes, those wireframes are fun to look at; it’s sort of like staring at the blueprints of my blenderthoughts or something :slight_smile: What’s next? Good question!! :smiley: I have a couple massive blends in the works an plans for more, some things that won’t see the light of screens for months to come, if ever, and many smaller and “interesting” projects – I use the word interesting a lot because so many things interest me :slight_smile: Honestly, the robertt blender roadmap is looking pretty varied and wild from here :smiley: I have more ideas than I’ll probably ever get to blend, but I’ll keep working at it all. Well, I won’t be doing “I couldn’t think of anything to blend” posts for a long time :slight_smile: The tank is full, the engine running, and I’m off again to the next blend… See you at the next stop :smiley: Thanks for being there!!


You’ve convinced me robbie, no additional bitching from me from the terms of charcter pose :stuck_out_tongue:

Just noticed your wireframe shot, and gotta say you do those very neatly, I like that blue/white colorization.

Thanks Hippie :smiley:

I wound up going with the edgeless version in the end. It seemed to have more of an illustrated quality to it.

It would be cool if we could control the thickness and OSA of the toon edge. I figured a workaround for that – mainly to render huge then downsize, which reduces the thickness of the line and eliminates some of the jaggedness of the toon edges.

Thanks again to everyone for the feedback!

The new color ramps have awesome potential, so if you haven’t tried it yet check out a recent bfblender binary from blender.org :wink: It’s grrrrrreat!


Nice work Robertt.

I prefer the first render with the toon edges, it seems to suit the image better, imho. I think this scene would look really good in an anime style.

Nice interpretation of the theme, good luck in the w.c.


Where is this color ramp?

Thank you Sonix!

Hi, ScooterL. It’s available in one of the new downloads from blender.org in the test release section of the forum there. The new color ramp options appear in the materials window.


I like this and I don’t mind the version with black edges either.
There are a couple of things that bug me though:

  1. The flames of the fire aren’t as good as the rest of the picture. They look kinda wrong.

  2. The guys hair looks like a blue octopus on his head. :smiley:

  3. The shoes he’s wearing look far less cartoon-like than the rest of the picture. They look too 3D.

But I really love the colours in it - vivid and appealing.


Huh. Different it is. I prefer most of your other work, to be honest. Neat job, though. Just seems a bit sadly 2D.

Wow!!! I love the shading! Looks quiet 2D comic bookish. It’s really great when you can achieve that with 3D - and you did a fine job 8)