Impossible Picture #1

(phlip) #1
If enough people ask, I’ll say how i did it (no, it’s not zinvert)

(jorx) #2

Well let me be the first to ask!

(LohnS) #3

well i think it might have been a simple trick of the eyes.

I think you just split that top bar into 2 and moved the vertices so that the bar behind it was just showing.

my only other would be that you did 2 renders, one using a blank over the top bar.

but its probably something much cooler but thats all i could come up with.

(ectizen) #4

I decided to have a go at this and it turned out to be easier than I first thought ( result here )

I’d hazard a guess that it’s a scene with two carefully placed objects, and a well-planned lighting setup with 2 lamps.

(slikdigit) #5

one of the edges doesn’t connect, but looks so because of the camera angle?

(stephen2002) #6

it looks to me that it was just 2 renders, one of the structure and then one of the post that is over top of the structure.

I like the triangle one better, it was more interesting and less easy to figure out.

(S68) #7


you two will both compete in the OI contest, right?

The first image is cool but shading flattens it so you cannot really apreciate it completely.

The second is stunning because it is prospective!

In any case, for the contest, no post processing is allowed, only blender :slight_smile:


(ectizen) #8

I didn’t realise there was a contest…


No fabulous prizes?! Woohoo! Of course I’ll enter!

(phlip) #9

you’re the closest
you extrude the outside edges of the bar behind to a point at the camera and use intersect.
obviously it doesn’t work if you move the camera…
check this out…
it’s a background for a tetris game i am writing, making all the images in blender.

(LohnS) #10

WOOHOO, thats what i thought it was. A trick of the eye, well done.

(phlip) #11

What contest?
and why “you two”?

(blengine) #12

wow is that Z INVERT??? just pullin yer chain kid… i dont even know what zinvert is!..i guess i should try it… cool pic, weird

(valarking) #13

it’s alright, kinda boring and plain, not very flashy.