Impossible shapes

Here are some impossible shapes that I modeled using a method thats impossible for me to tell you. :cool:


I recognize those two from somewhere…
They’re not that easy to make believable anyway.
Nice job :cool:

i’ve been trying…how do u do it???:frowning: :confused:PM me please i promise to keep it a secret.:wink: :slight_smile:

Here’s a hint: if you’d move the camera in any of those renders, the eye trick would be quite obvious :wink:

nice job… but you’ve got a little problem:

even if this isn’t where the seam is, it’s makes it look bad…
looks like alot of compositing to me…
again, good job. The reflections would be tough

btw, is that material supposed to be semi-transparent or just reflective?

i think i know how he done it, but its hard to explain it…

LOL,i’ve still been trying and i cant figure it out!:eek: :confused:

like cw said, camera placement was key here. the tricks are obvious once you stare enough though.

im guessing there are two circles in the second one.Am i getting closer??:confused:

trak wrecka, nope, but they are right that the camera placement is everything. its also in ortho mode (COUGHhinthint!COUGH!).
jessethemid: nope, no compositing, and the triangle is partially transparent.
Heres some wireframes to prove I didn’t just copy these off some web site.


He took the method from Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks. The left branch is… muffled speech

yah… thaught so. I think there’s an extra face where I highlighted in the pic, you might look at it. or it could just be a change in the lighting, you may have to make just sun lamps so as to not break to illussion

for the rest of you:

look here, just a little gif I made… it’s quickly done so it’s not very nice.
-i’d like to emphasize, this is NOT how he did it, it’s similar but alot quicker and not as nice

I posted a similar triangle (not nearly as nicely done as this I have to admit) a while ago in a reply to someone about something. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

People living in Western Australia can see a large sculpture of such a triangle in East Perth, near Wittenoom Street (if it’s still there).

Alright, I’ve decided to be nice and post the .blend. Both are included, the oval is on layer 2.

Oh now i get it!!!

Lol, very well done! It had me stumped…

There’s also another way to do this. Again, all about the angle though.
.blend file: