Impossible to add windows... Please help, it's driving me crazy !

Hi everybody.

I really hope you will be able to help me because I am stopped by this stupid difficulty…

I have Blender 2.49.
I created a new project : the project was first well displayed in 3 windows.
I imported a file I need : the project was then badly displayed in only 1 window.

So I tried to add windows as explained in the “Configuring the screen your way” chapter of the “Blender User Interface Tutorial” :
Adding a new window is similar: move the mouse pointer over a window border and press the middle mouse button. A small requester will pop up now. You can confirm splitting the screen by left clicking on the text ‘Split Area’.

But this does not work, I do not have the pop up window normally displayed with the “Split Area” menu item and I do not know why… :frowning:

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Maybe you are in maximized window mode (CTRL+UP Arrow).

To go back to tiled windows press CTRL+DOWN Arrow.

Yes !!! You are my savior !
It was as simple as that :wink:
Thank you very much cyberlecs !