Impossible to export in Octane/Keyshot because of a single object in my scene


I have a problem with the export because of a single object in my scene

it’s my scene

and it is the object that crashes the export to Keyshot and Octane

On Keyshot i have this error message

What is it ?

i’m beginner so if you have a solution please tell me the process, thanks

This is a total guess but you may a rogue vertex out in space somewhere which is causing the exporter to think that the total size is huge. Try this on a saved backup version. tab into edit mode and select a single vertex on the piece, then hit ctrl L to select all connected goemetry. now hit ctrl i to select the inverse which will select any verts not connected to it, then x to delete. then try exporting.

You may also just need to apply the scale (Ctel a choose scale)

Ok i did it but when i do ctrl i he’s selecting the other side of my object

I did the pipe with this technique

ok, select at least one vert for each visible but separated meshes by holding shift and clicking on verts, then hit ctrl L, and then ctrl i, then x.

Thank you ! i separated two parts and ctrl L ctrl i then X and now i can export.

Thank you for your answer time !