Impossible Triangle with Bush Viper

I made this optical illusion using my Paradox Toolkit Addon. This image is the first of a collection of snakes around impossible geometry, which I’m developing to improve my skills on this subject.
The impossible triangle is made using the Paradox Toolkit objects as base mesh. For the body snake I rely on a combination of solidify-bevel-subdivide-array-curve modifiers. For the head I place the scales by hand, following the mesh edge loops.

You can find more illusions on my Behance profile or follow me on Twitter to see my progress.


Wireframe with random colors


Screenshot, with the modifier stack of the body on the right.


That looks quite amazing @matgarate. Would you mind explaining how you made it seamless in the final render? Did you have to use Photoshop or is it straight from Blender? Thanks.

Thank you!

The Paradox Toolkit addon that I made creates the illusion base mesh with the vertices aligned to the isometric camera line-of-sight, creating the illusion of continuity.
The render is straight out from Eevee, though the techniqie does not work on cycles.