Impressive game features

Im not sure whether this should go here or in the off -topic forum but if what would you say was the most innovative feature you’ve seen in a computer game. (It can be anything not just swanky graphics in Halo).

Some that come to my mind are:

Spider bombs in Crusader no remorse/no regret.<— old but cool game.

The feature in Conflict Freespace where you unlock extra stuff if you do something intelligent. E.g In some missions you could capture a ship by destroying its engines instead of blowing it up.

Theres loads if i though hard but im interested in what you think not my babbling. The reason for this post is to help generate some ideas to go into my game thanks.

the sanity meter in eternal darkness is cool. It scared the shit outta me. game said that my gamecube was corrupt :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the stealth feature in Splinter Cell is really cool. Oh yeah, and the flexibility, like you can hold someone hostage, or kill them, or knock them out, or shoot their leg, or disable them with gas…Yeah. :smiley:

Another feature that I would really like to see in a game is Non-linearity. Like for example, if you are a guy trying to get money from a burning building, and you fail, It wouldn’t make you try again, it would make you deal with the consequenses, and have to get the money another way. And people would say different stuff to you depending on what you did. Stuff like that makes a game great. It’s the ability to change the world around you that makes it so incredibly fun. :smiley: 8)


(More games should be like deus ex)

Give enough power over the gaming experience to the player to allow it to be an experience they have some authorship over, without giving them so much control that it is all too easy for them to author a bad/boring experience.

YEA I like that to (real funn game :smiley: )


(though not from any game, the test_crash.exe test is addicting)

Non-linearity rules! :slight_smile:

Non-linearality can be fun, but it has to have SOME sort of linierity (not sure if that’s a word, oh well :smiley: ) so that the story can progress. If you can just go around the world and do whatever you want it can kinda get boring, which is why the GTA games are so great, they have non-linearality and a linear story.


neat :smiley: …that’s really something …if you’d put it into smart use in a game or even in an animation, you’d probably have less trouble making movements look natural :smiley:

“A game is everything whith a finish under itself”

Is this forum some kind of a game?


I really like Novalogic’s vast landscapes.